About the Sikh Helpline
Charity Bike Rides

About us

The Sikh Helpline Charity Bike Ride are annual events that bring together cycling enthusiasts and supporters from various backgrounds to raise funds and awareness for the Sikh Helpline organization. This remarkable initiative aims to support and assist individuals in need, regardless of their religion, race, or background.

The Sikh Helpline is a non-profit organization that provides a vital helpline service to anyone facing challenges, difficulties, or discrimination. The dedicated volunteers and professionals associated with the helpline offer emotional support, advice, and guidance to those seeking help. They tackle a wide range of issues, including mental health, addiction, domestic violence, bullying, and hate crimes.

The charity bike ride organized by the Sikh Helpline serves as a powerful means to promote unity, compassion, and solidarity within the community. It brings together people from all walks of life who share a common goal of making a positive difference in society. Participants range from professional cyclists to casual riders, all eager to contribute to a worthy cause while enjoying the thrill of cycling.

The bike ride typically covers a significant distance, often spanning several days, allowing participants to challenge themselves physically and mentally. The route chosen for the ride may vary each year, taking cyclists through scenic landscapes and noteworthy landmarks. This not only adds an element of adventure to the event but also helps to showcase the beauty of the region and attract attention to the cause.

The Sikh Helpline charity bike ride not only raises funds but also generates awareness about the organization’s services and the importance of mental health and well-being. Participants and supporters are encouraged to share their experiences on social media, using hashtags and tagging the organization, thereby creating a ripple effect that reaches a wider audience.

Community engagement plays a crucial role in the success of the charity bike ride. Local businesses, organizations, and individuals come forward to sponsor the event, provide logistical support, and contribute to fundraising efforts. The collective efforts of everyone involved, including volunteers, participants, and sponsors, help make the event a resounding success year after year.


Beyond The Event

The impact of the Sikh Helpline charity bike ride goes beyond the event itself. The funds raised during the ride are used to enhance the helpline’s infrastructure, support outreach programs, and expand services to reach more individuals in need. Additionally, the increased awareness generated by the bike ride encourages people to seek help when they face challenges, destigmatizing the act of reaching out for support.

About The Sikh Helpline

Established over 25 years ago, The Sikh Helpline has developed itself to be a trusted point of contact for members of the community in dealing with a range of issues, especially those linked to cultural and social taboos. The Sikh Helpline is a free professional and confidential telephone counselling and email inquiry service, available 24 hour a day, 7 days a week.  Founded over 20 years ago and is the only registered charity of its kind, entirely funded from donations of our supporting.  The Sikh Helpline (SHL) works independently according to its own policies and mission statement and in close collaboration with third party agencies to ensure service users are signposted to receive the support needed as required.

The services of Sikh Helpline are available to any individual regardless of age, gender, race/culture, physical and mental disabilities, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, class or status. Our service is one of listening and we aim to assist anyone in need of emotional support, guidance and advice on a one-to-one basis with various issues, including but not limited to:

  • Bullying and Racism
  • Substance Abuse (including Smoking / Drinking / Drugs)
  • Domestic Violence and Abuse
  • Depression and Mental Health Issues.
  • Relationship Issues
  • Grooming Awareness Campaign
  • Discrimination within the work place
  • Problems at school or home
  • Issues regarding Articles of faith
  • Child abuse (sexual, physical or emotional)

The Sikh Helpline is able to assist by:

  • Offering family mediation and support (to work with families to overcome cultural taboos and social barriers);
  • Supporting victims through counselling;
  • Mindfulness based intervention for depression, anxiety, anger management and substance abuse;
  • Self-development and empowerment based support;
  • Identify safe houses where necessary; and
  • Sign posting to external reputable support services where appropriate.

The Sikh Helpline  has a strong track record of initiating and developing public awareness campaigns on issues including domestic abuse, substance abuse and sexual grooming. These campaigns have involved creating and distributing multimedia resources, posters, information leaflets and hosting presentations and workshops across community events, Universities, schools and other public forums in order to raise awareness of the subject and hand and discuss prevention/reduction methods. We are working hard to break down cultural barriers to people seeking the help they need.

The Sikh Helpline was established to address these pressing issues and there have been many success stories to date.