Bike Ride Kit List  

Scotland to Birmingham Bike Ride Kit List


  • Cycling kit / Bib Shorts / *Helmet (unless wearing a dastar) / Cycling Shoes / (Jersey will be washed daily) Also worth bringing spare jerseys, base layers etc. Please check weather forecasts beforehand and plan accordingly.
  • Waterproofs -packable rain Jacket / log sleeves base layers / over shoes if you have some, please ensure these are waterproof not rain resistance / splash proof etc.
  • Lounge/casualwear for after bike rides (to wear around in the gurdwara)
  • Head / face coverings covering for Sikh Temples and indoor areas.
  • Money (Cash / Cards) for café stops. (Some places may not accept cash)
  • Spare bike gloves maybe a full and half finger option.
  • Towels /Shower gels /Toothpaste / Toothbrush
  • Lip Balm / Sun cream
  • Bike lights (Front and back)
  • Chamois / body glide
  • Bike drink bottles and spare bottles if required.


  • Chargers for Phones and Bike Navs
  • 2 -3 way extension lead for charging all your devices (Garmin/Phone/Lights/etc)
  • Small power bank if needed, as you may need to charge your cycle GPS on stops.
  • Spare inner tubes for your specific wheel size, for tubeless system please bring your own sealant etc
  • Food / Fuel – If you prefer your own brand of bars, gels, etc please bring your own supply along.
  • Any medication you may need over the 4 days
  • Personal food for evenings if required (All meals will be provided – strictly only vegetarian)
  • Bike Lock – To keep your bike safe overnight and at stop.
  • Any repair tools which are specific/unique to your bike
  • Chain Lube / Wax

Overnight Stays:

  • Inflatable mattress / camping bed / sleeping bag
  • Duvet and pillows (Please pack in a black bag with your name on the bag)


The Sikh Help Line itself tackles many issues with regards to drugs and alcohol abuse. As we all are representing the charity and its values, there is a strict policy against No alcohol/Drugs/Smoking to be consumed at any time during the ride and overnight stays.

 Please also be mindful of any pictures taken during the ride on social media platforms as we don’t want to shed a bad light on the charity.

 Due to space limitations in the minibus Ideally if you can pack light and in one bag it would be ideal.

 *It is recommends the wearing of Dastar or helmets, however we are not making this a mandatory requirement. The wearing of Dastars and Dumalla will be permitted. Please ensure your own health and safety when considering your appropriate head wear.

If you do decide to wear a Dastar or Dumalla please ensure this covers your whole head

 The SHL will take no responsibility on this topic.

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