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Transforming Lives Through The Sikh Helpline


In The Midst Of Life’s Challenges, Having A Supportive Ear And A Guiding Hand Can Make All The Difference. For Many Individuals Across The Nation, The Sikh Helpline Serves As A Beacon Of Hope In Their Darkest Moments. Through The Dedication Of Fundraisers And Volunteers, This Vital Service Continues To Provide Confidential, Free Emotional And Well Being Support To Those Who Need It Most.


Established with a mission to address the silent suffering caused by stigma and cultural barriers, the Sikh Helpline offers assistance to individuals facing a myriad of challenges. From family and relationship issues to domestic abuse, substance abuse, and mental health struggles, the helpline stands ready to offer a lifeline to those in need.


In 2023, the Sikh Helpline hit a staggering 4480 calls, highlighting the pressing need for its services. Notably, a significant portion of these cases fell into four main categories: domestic abuse, substance abuse (with alcohol abuse being the largest subcategory), and mental health (with depression being the largest subcategory) and relationship/marriage/family.

 Impactful Stories

The impact of the Sikh Helpline’s services can be seen through the stories of individuals whose lives have been transformed. From a single parent struggling to provide for their child during Ramadan to a child facing discrimination at school for their faith, each story underscores the profound difference made possible by the support of fundraisers and volunteers.

Impactful Stories

The impact of the Sikh Helpline’s services can be seen through the stories of individuals whose lives have been transformed. From a single parent struggling to provide for their child during Ramadan to a child facing discrimination at school for their faith, each story underscores the profound difference made possible by the support of fundraisers and volunteers.

R’s Struggle During Ramadan

R, a single parent and devout Muslim, reached out to the Sikh Helpline in distress during Ramadan. With tears in her voice, she shared “I’m struggling a lot right now. My fridge is empty, and I only have £9. I can’t even buy my daughter anything for Eid,” R shared tearfully with the Sikh Helpline. Feeling overwhelmed by financial hardship and unable to afford food or clothing, R felt hopeless and alone. Upon hearing R’s plight, the Sikh Helpline reached out to local support groups and rallied the community to provide assistance. 

While comforting R and reminding her to hold onto faith in the one provider of all. Through the kindness and generosity of the local community, food was arranged, and funds were raised to cover her electricity bill, bringing relief to R in her time of need. “Thank you, Sikh Helpline, for all the love and empathy. I believe Allah will help me,” R expressed gratefully as the community came together to provide food and funds, restoring her faith and hope. R’s faith and resilience were restored as she witnessed the outpouring of support from the community. With gratitude overflowing, she expressed her heartfelt thanks to the Sikh Helpline for their empathy, non-judgmental support, and unwavering belief. Through this experience, R found strength in her faith and hope for a brighter future for herself and her daughter

A Child’s Faith In School 

“My school doesn’t understand why I wear my kirpan. They treat me differently,” the child shared with the Sikh Helpline, feeling distressed and isolated. In an all-Catholic school, a young Sikh child faced discrimination and misunderstanding for wearing his articles of faith, including his kirpan. His family, feeling isolated and unsupported, turned to the Sikh Helpline for guidance and assistance in navigating the situation. The Sikh Helpline provided the child’s family with invaluable advice on how to educate the school about Sikh faith and the significance of the kirpan. Armed with knowledge and support, the family took proactive steps to advocate for their child’s rights and religious freedom within the school environment. 

Thanks to the support and guidance of the Sikh Helpline, the child and his family found resolution and acceptance within the school community. Free from further discrimination or misunderstanding, they were able to embrace their faith proudly, knowing that they had the support of the Sikh community and the helpline behind them.

Overcoming Trauma And Addiction

A woman struggling with past trauma and addiction reached out to the Sikh Helpline in a moment of desperation. Having experienced rape and feeling disconnected from her faith and purpose, she found herself drowning in alcohol and hopelessness. Over multiple calls and sessions, the Sikh Helpline compassionate provided listening, encouragement, and support to the caller. Through their unwavering belief in her ability to overcome adversity and their guidance towards healing, the helpline helped her rebuild her faith and find hope for a better future. With the support of the Sikh Helpline, the caller embarked on a journey of recovery and resilience. Breaking free from the grip of addiction and reclaiming her faith, she found the strength to face her trauma and move forward with newfound hope and determination.

Reconnecting Generations

I lost my son, and now I’m losing contact with my granddaughter. I want to reconnect,” the grandmother shared, longing for family connection and purpose. Isolated and grieving the loss of her son to suicide, a grandmother reached out to the Sikh Helpline seeking support to reconnect with her granddaughter. Having lost contact due to family estrangement, she longed for the opportunity to share her life and love with her granddaughter once again. The Sikh Helpline provided the grandmother with guidance and support on how to navigate the process of reconnecting with her granddaughter. Empowering her with resources and encouragement, they stood by her side as she took steps towards reconciliation. Through the support of the Sikh Helpline, the grandmother was able to rebuild her relationship with her granddaughter. Over a nine-month period, they reconnected and forged a bond that brought joy and fulfilment to both their lives, proving that love and connection can triumph over even the deepest of wounds. 

Finding Strength in Adversity 

S and her son were being subjected to multiple assaults by her husband, necessitating intervention from both law enforcement and social services. Residing in a predominantly white British community, S faced isolation due to her not being fluent in English and being from India and felt the absence of a Punjabi community network. Contemplating relocation, she expresses appreciation for the support provided by Social Services, particularly Sikh Helpline, who offered a compassionate ear and said she feels heard. 

Despite the adversities, S exhibited remarkable resilience and strength in the face of ongoing challenges. These impact stories highlight the transformative power of the Sikh Helpline and the invaluable support it provides to individuals in their time of need. Through compassion, empathy, and unwavering support, the helpline helps individuals overcome adversity, find hope, and reclaim their resilience. 

Overcoming Workplace Discrimination

“After years of facing discrimination and abuse at work, I finally reached out to the Sikh Helpline,” shared L, feeling exhausted and defeated. Financial struggles and language barriers prevented her from seeking help sooner, leaving her suffering in silence until her health deteriorated.

The Sikh Helpline provided regular check-ins and emotional support to L as she prepared to fight a court case against her employer. Despite initial setbacks, she expressed feeling stronger and happier during her final call, laughing for the first time since the incident. L credited the helpline, her family, and social services for pushing her to be stronger, and she found solace in regular prayer.

Future Endeavours

Huge thank to all of the 350 miles bike riders and congratulations…£25,082.01 was the final total raised in 2023 bike fundraising efforts where expenditure for the bike ride totalled £2,778.99. 

Looking ahead, the Sikh Helpline remains committed to addressing the growing need for its services. Funds raised from upcoming events will be directed towards projects focusing on domestic violence, substance abuse, and relationship issues, ensuring that support continues to be readily available for those who need it most. 

Expressing Gratitude

To the fundraisers and volunteers whose unwavering support makes this work possible, the Sikh Helpline extends a heartfelt thank you. Your contributions have touched the lives of countless


 As we reflect on the impact of the Sikh Helpline and the invaluable role of fundraisers and volunteers in ensuring its running, let us reaffirm our commitment to supporting those in need. Together, we can continue to make a difference and provide a beacon of hope for individuals facing life’s challenges. individuals, offering hope and guidance in their time of need. With your continued support, we can work towards a future where no one suffers in silence.

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