Rider Profile – Jagdeep Singh Lall

On 6th August 2022 I lost the most influential person in my life, my mum. My mum, Satnam Kaur Lall, came to the UK as a refugee in the 1970’s when Idi Amin expelled all asians from the country. Her family went from riches to rags overnight, but luckily held British passports and so were granted entry. Over the years, my mum concentrated on educating all four of her children, so that if they ever faced the same situation as she did, then they would be able to stand on their own two feet. My mum was a super determined person and thanks to her us four children became professionals (a Podiatrist, Pharmacist, Actuary and Dentist). In her last few weeks, mum told me that her biggest success in her life were her children. It just goes to show how genuine refugees can and do contribute positively to their host country. Since mum passed away, I have gone through a wave of emotions ranging from anger, sadness and depression. I therefore decided that I needed to channel my energy to something positive. Therefore, I decided to do the 350 mile charity bike ride which I did last year for the Sikh Helpline (here is a link to my post from last year about this event: https://lnkd.in/ekH_W73J). 

The training for this ride has given me something positive to look forward to as well as helping my physical and mental wellbeing. The Sikh Helpline charity helps anyone and everyone with a range of issues including domestic violence, bullying, racial harassment, grooming and alcohol/drug abuse. They have also in the past been awarded the Queens award for voluntary service. 

This year, I will be doing this ride in memory of my mum and I would really appreciate it if people could donate something to this great charity. https://lnkd.in/ey_UCVwg 

By sheer fluke the ride ends on 6th August 2023; so on the first anniversary of mum passing away I will be finishing off this great ride. I know she would have wanted this, because she loved helping others. This tough ride is dedicated to you mum.

Satnam Kaur Lall

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